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16 Apr 2011

Too cun to wear helmet!!

WTR!! (What the rainbow!! Hahaha bajet kiut but I think that is the best word to replace those words yang tak baik aite??)

Okay, so gedix to blogging in English even i knew that my grammar is so kantoi, n my vocab is sooooo miskin!!

This is a story about a girl!
She is someone that i called as minah chun lagi gojes
Ok, tipu!!
She is just Ecah, the gojes one!!

What have she done??
Ok rempit-ing with my kapcai is always been our feveret!!
And noe what?? After a few minutes, she asked me,
"You know, Cik Key, what kind of thing that I did not put in??"
And i just knowing that, it would be the helmet!!
new style of helmet... kan bagus kalau cah yang pakai!!

She is just soo lupa when got soo gedix with her new style of shawl!
Gedix but chun huh!!
By the way, the shawl is mine!! Hahaha!!

2 801 terlepas cakap!!:

aisah hanafi said...

wehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...sabotaj..sambil suap orang makan sambil ngutuk!!!


hahaha, suap tanda sayang~...

kutuk tanda lagi sayang~~

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